Corporate Incentive FAQs

What is a Private Portal?
Your Private Portal corporate account will allow you to edit any of the printed products that you desire.  Your document library will store your artwork and be set up to allow you instant changes and proofing.  Below are a few examples of what you will be able to do.

What is involved?
We set up a private portal. Within the private portal: owners, managers, and employees will be able to: sign in, order new/inventory items, and edit printed products. Corporate Partners will have a discount for all Brinkman Press products, including printing, apparel, and promotional items.
How large does a company have to be?
We have companies from one employee to thousands. Businesses of any size have the ability to download and keep all printing products in one place. Any employee with clearance can review past orders, check inventory, edit new or old documents... All the while getting the CORPORATE DISCOUNT. 

How does the inventory work?
Brinkman Press will print all products in any increment needed. We will then store any item at our warehouse NO CHARGE. We will also deliver same day.

Is it easy to operate?
The greatest asset of this program is anyone with clearance and a password can go online and order. Another perk is if the employee who did the ordering is not longer apart of the business, the next employee can step right in look at the inventory and order history and not miss a beat!

Print Pricing
Our instant calculator will have your company code setup in your advantage plan, providing discounted pricing for our corporate friends.

Apparel & promotional pricing
Peruse through thousands of items in our apparel and promotional departments, after 
reviewing and gathering information, simply email a quote form or call our support staff for our corporate discount price.
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